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9780312369125_custom-bcaa4c836877bcedab6e82260206499226b18bab-s99-c85Until Proven Innocent

Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

“Brutally honest, unflinching, exhaustively researched, and compulsively readable, Until Proven Innocent excoriates those who led the stampede — the prosecutor, the cops, the media — but it also exposes the cowardice of Duke’s administration and faculty. Until Proven Innocent smothers any lingering doubts that in this country the presumption of innocence is dead, dead, dead.” –John Grisham

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How Affirmative Action Hurts Students It’s Intended to Help, and Why Universities Won’t Admit It

Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor present compelling evidence of the failure of our current affirmative action policies through stunning, previously unpublicized admissions and academic performance data from colleges and universities around the country and interviews with black and Hispanic administrators and former students.

At the heart of Sander and Taylor’s book is the theory of “mismatch.” They argue that the use of racial preferences in higher education puts students in academic situations where the odds are stacked against them from the beginning.

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The Cinematic Railroading of Jameis Winston

National Review

The Hunting Ground joins the movement to ruin a man’s career for the sake of an ideological agenda. A movement is afoot to destroy the career of a young black man whom a young white woman with overwhelming, well-documented credibility problems has accused of raping her. Three separate investigations, including a Florida State Code of Conduct hearing, have found former Florida State quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston not to be a rapist. But now The Hunting Ground, a much-touted documentary on campus sexual assault, features his previously anonymous accuser presenting her case publicly for the first time. Senator […]

The Times’s response to my critique: learning to lower my expectations

Below is my Feb. 20, 2015 email to New York Times Deputy Executive Editor Matthew Purdy. Dear Mr. Purdy: For the record, here’s my point by point response to your response to my article in Real Clear Sports: I expected that some might dismiss my credibility as a journalist because I acknowledged the help of a first-rate reporter for a Florida State fan site who pointed me to information in the public record. I did not expect that the Times would resort to such a transparent evasion of the facts. I am learning to lower my expectations. I did point […]

Is The New York Times Smearing Jameis Winston?

Real Clear Sports

Over the past year The New York Times has published thousands of words about the rape allegation against Heisman Trophy-winning Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston, all pointing to a single conclusion: He is guilty, and the state of Florida and his school have excused his crime because of his football prowess. But there is a large body of evidence that The Times has kept from its readers that would lead a discerning reader to another conclusion: that Winston has been cleared by three separate investigations because the evidence […]

U-Va. Reaction to Rape Claim: Worse Than at Duke?

Real Clear Politics

Depressing similarities link the two highest-profile allegations of campus sexual assault in recent years — the fraudulent gang rape claims against Duke lacrosse players in 2006, and Rolling Stone writer Sabrina Erdely’s multiply discredited portrayal in November of a sadistically brutal gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity. Even more depressing is another comparison between the two cases. While campus journalists and many other students at Duke were refreshingly open to evidence and critical thinking as the case there unfolded, the vast majority of U-Va. students have been sheep-like. They have emulated — or at least tolerated — the […]

Sheriff says Dem prosecutor is on a ‘witch-hunt’ against Wis. Gov. Walker

Legal Newsline

MILWAUKEE (Legal Newsline) – Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. has accused District Attorney John Chisholm, a fellow Democrat, of “abuse of prosecutorial power” in the relentless criminal investigation of Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and 29 conservative groups. Clarke’s forceful public criticism is of Chisholm and the so-called “John Doe” investigation that Chisholm has pursued since 2010 against Walker, his staff and virtually every conservative advocacy group in the state. Clarke, who has been sheriff since 2002 and is running for re-election on Tuesday as the Democratic nominee, has been elected and re-elected with heavy support both from […]

Whistleblower mulling libel suit against Milwaukee newspaper over ‘death threat’ claim

Legal Newsline

MILWAUKEE (Legal Newsline) – The whistleblower who has accused Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm of privately expressing “hyperpartisan” political and personal bias against Gov. Scott Walker is now considering a libel suit against Wisconsin’s largest circulation newspaper. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel falsely accused him of making a “death threat” against Chisholm – a crime – Michael Lutz told this reporter in an interview Thursday night. It also failed to print his denial and used a fragment of what he told columnist Daniel Bice to make it appear as if he were confirming something that he was in fact denying, he […]

Target of Wis. investigation accuses DA of criminal abuses of power

Legal Newsline

MILWAUKEE (Legal Newsline) – Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm faces a deadline of Oct. 12 to decide whether to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate his own conduct. Whatever Chisholm decides will complicate the re-election bid of Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who is locked in a tenacious battle with Democrat Mary Burke. The carefully written, eight-page petition for a special prosecutor was filed by Eric O’Keefe, a free market activist at the center of Chisholm’s criminal probe of Walker and 29 allied conservative groups. O’Keefe filed his petition on Sept. 26 and made it public on Monday. It alleges […]